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Along with being a Spiritual Mindset Coach & working directly with Entrepreneurs, Kehla also loves creating custom Foundational PDF readings and Human Design candles called Lit Sacral. Previously, these offers were available on Etsy but now she's decided to bundle these offers into bulk orders for business owners looking to gift their clients as a thank you for either signing up for their 1:1 containers, joining a group program, signing up for a retreat, paying in full or any other reason that fills your heart with joy!

Lit Sacral was founded by Kehla G in North Vancouver BC, Canada on January 5th, 2022 where she self-taught making her own candles on her kitchen stove.

These candles were poured with love & with your human design in mind. The crystals are hand selected by Kehla from a local shop in North Vancouver. 

The chosen crystals represent your defined centers in your chart & each crystal will be attuned to that center to ground you in that energy. The gold & coloured flake represent the openness of your chart & the fluidity & beauty of all your undefined or open centers, channels & gates within the your human design. If you are a Reflector, don't worry! There are still special crystals that will be used for your unique openness.

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Kehla's Foundational PDF Readings are perfect for those who are newer to Human Design & want to understand the foundational aspects of their Human Design Chart. This is also a great tool for someone who wants their clients to have the basics of their chart as they support or coach them as part of their services.

What's covered in these PDF's are:

  • What Human Design is
  • Type
  • Authority
  • Strategy
  • Not-self theme
  • Signature
  • Centers
  • Profile
  • Definition

Content not covered is: gates, channels, planets, conscious/unconscious charts, variables, etc & anything business related to Human Design. These topics are saved for 1:1 live Zoom calls with Kehla as they are very much fluid & open for interpretation.

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Kehla also offers Human Design Readings for clients who are Entrepreneurs. Kehla specializes in working with clients around: energetic embodiment of their Human Design & Gene keys so that they can launch, market, sell, get clear on their messaging & create content from a place of alignment. If you're keen on gifting your clients with 1:1 readings you can book with Kehla:

  • 30min $197
  • 45min $249
  • 60min $275

Readings are recorded & will be sent to client post session with additional resources related to the coaching session.

You can also create a bundle for clients:

  • Reading + candle 
  • Reading + Foundational PDF

PDF are $122 and candles are $66 + shipping

*Minimum of 5 orders of Readings or bundles will include a complimentary 30min reading from Kehla for you!

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