If you love the Gene Keys & you're a business owner with an intuitive twist, then you've come to the right place. 

This Gene Key's business guide is fully loaded & personalized with your entire Gene Keys Golden Path (Activation, Venus & Pearl). We go in-depth with every sequence, every Gene Key, every line, pathway and sphere - but through the lens of how you can embody this work in your business with ease, flow & authenticity.

From this 75+ page personalized PDF (and 64 Gene Keys audio library by Kehla) you will simultaneous learn & activate your Gene Keys while also deeply contemplating how to infuse your energetic imprints and gifts into how you show up in your business. The Gene Keys Business Guide is a clear, yet in-depth journey through your entire Gene Keys Golden Path with your business in mind.

This is the ultimate guide for not only deepening your self-trust, but you're going to discover how to show up in your business from your genetic gifts. What could be more authentic than this? 

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