I spent three years in the grind mentality of pushing to go full-time in my business so that I could finally feel the glory that’s been amplified in the industry around being fully independent.

There’s nothing wrong with this desire, but the way in which I was pursuing it led me to burn out, drowning amounts of shame, guilt and a suffocating level of frustration.

Ultimately, being a Juxtaposition of Cross of Crisis (36 (crisis)/6 (friction) /10 (behaviour of self) /15 (extremes)), as a 6/2 Sacral Generator, I was destined to have this experience in order to fulfill my purpose of being someone that has such a deep well for the love of humanity and desire of intimacy together.

It’s through my turbulence and conflict that I am adept to hold space for others to feel the same & move through it relentlessly in their entrepreneurial journey.

I know what it feels like to share the darkness and struggle of your story with a pulling fire to serve others and not even have crickets show up to the party.

I know what it feels like to feel like a fraud because everything on the face front: website, social media posts, and content are looking fresh but no one is signing up for offers.

I know what it feels like to fight with a partner, who is terrified of all the risks being taken with little to no monetary return for proof that what is being done is working.

I know what it feels like to cry on the floor, salty tears stinging my face sobbing as I seriously question my own sanity for the vision that I have and beg for it to leave me alone as I continue to feel like a failure over and over again.

I spent a lot of time feeling alone in my entrepreneurial journey because I was convinced that everyone had scaled quicker than me. Now, I’m blown away by the amount of DM’s that I get with people sharing how they’re still working their 9-5 (some of them loving it too) but also they love growing their business and they wish more people such as myself were more transparent with their journey.

What I love most is holding space for others to contemplate their experience & see the beauty and the power of what currently lies in front of them.

My experience of the coaching industry was rooted in fixing the problem of: ‘you don’t have a business but once you do you’ll be running with unicorns and dancing on cotton candy skies’. It wasn’t about meeting me where I was at, it was about getting me to where I wanted to be, but from a place of ‘where you are now is not good enough’.

It’s no wonder this led me to feel like shit & believe that something was wrong with me - I wasn’t supported in recognizing who I was then as I built my business. 

This is literally the foundation for sustainability in living your life while growing a business. This is how we enmesh and unconditionally love ourselves in every chapter of our journey, not just when we get the results we’ve strived for.

This is Alignment Alchemy.


Over the 8 weeks together we'll be taking a very contemplative approach to how you can embody your Human Design & Gene Keys in your life & business.

The topics we'll cover are (but are not limited to):

  • Building trust with yourself through leveraging your Human Design & Gene Keys
  • Contemplating & Integrating all layers of your body graph (conscious, unconscious, variables, gates, channels, planets, etc)
  • Tapping into the gifts of your Gene Keys to marketing, share, create content from this lens
  • Integrating connection charts to launch offers, services, containers, etc.
  • Alchemizing triggers & shadows to create a sustainable foundation for you to run your business
  • Getting grounded in the present and anchoring all layers of yourself through nervous system regulation

What's included: 

  • Future dates for next container TBD
  • Group WhatsApp support M-F for 8 weeks
  • 7 group calls over 8 weeks
  • Weekly Reflection work to support continued conversation in our WhatsApp community
  • Group call ceremony is a New Moon ceremony
  • 2 x 1:1 45min calls
  • Access to Vast Vision (3 x Masterclass series related to conscious/unconscious charts, connection charts, etc).
  • Hypnosis in our coaching session and/or group calls
  • Whatever other resources Kehla deems fit to support the participants



As 6/2 sacral Generator and Spiritual Mindset Coach, I am a no bullsh*t queen that is known for seeing people through to the depth of their core and lighting a fire under their ass to elevate themselves into their full potential.

I started my personal growth journey over 8 years ago through a plethora of different programs, seminars, books, certifications, podcasts and working with coaches. Through all this inner practice I was able to let go of my challenging childhood & blow the cap through my glass ceiling of creating a life & career path that truly lights my soul on fire.

Since 2019, I have dove deep into mindfulness work and have been certified in NLP, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Law of Attraction Life Coaching. My most recent passion is marinating in my newfound loves: Human Design & Gene Keys.

As part of launching the Alignment Alchemy Mastermind in September I am dropping a very special podcast series also called Alignment Alchemy. Over these six days of six episode I spill all the the scorching hot tea about my entrepreneurial journey up to this point and how Human Design and Gene Keys embodiment has allowed me to be in my truest energetic expression. These episodes will be dropping on my channel throughout the week that the waitlist is open.

Sept 5th: (#273) Smoke & Mirrors - my journey as an entrepreneur

Sept 6th: (#274) 12 certifications - what I learned from investing in myself

Sept 7th: (#257) What actually happened when I quit my 9-5pm

Sept 8th: (#276) Being an entrepreneur vs. Corporate life with my life partner

Sept 9th: (#277) Embodying the energy of my Gene Keys & Human Design in my Business

Sept 10th: (#278) How to read & launch a container from a program chart

You can listen to  the living in fierce alignment podcast on Apple || Spotify. As part of this series I've also created a Reflection Workbook to give some prompts to you on reflecting on your own journey thus far.


Waitlist open Sept 5-10th

 Information about pricing, payment plans and VIP options can be found in the FAQ section below

Please hop on the waitlist to be notified of the next time Kehla opens this container for future cohorts.


VIP includes:

  • Everything in the Mastermind mind plus...
  • Weekly 45 min 1:1 calls
  • 1:1 Whatsapp for the duration of the program
  • Any additional personalized resources needed
  • Payment plans available (check FAQ below)
  • Only two spots for VIP
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